CRD Media In Delray Beach Can Update A Website Without Losing SEO Elements

When business websites are redesigned it loses many SEO elements, this leads to massive drops in ranks, for example from page 1 to page 20, which can have a severe effect on business. Therefore it is important to consider search engine optimization whenever a website is to be redesigned, so that it does not lose SEO elements and there are no drastic changes in the ranks. A search engine marketing team and the website design team must work together to ensure that a website is successfully redesigned without losing any SEO components. Fortunately, CRD Media in Delray Beach has a team of search engine optimizers and web developers working together to ensure that the redesigned website is properly optimized for SEO.

Do Not Delete Old Content

The first step in maintaining SEO elements during web redesign is to make sure old content is not deleted. Many clients make the mistake of deleting older blog posts and other content. However, this is a mistake because old content can add value to the website. It is also important to make sure that Google does not index a website while it is still in the testing stage. This is because if Google indexes the website while it still being modified, then all the content on the final version of the website will be counted as duplicate content, severely affecting ranks. Consult CRD Media in Delray Beach on the best ways to protect content for local SEO purposes while redesigning the website.

Analyzing Data After Website Is ‘Crawled’

‘Crawling’ refers to the process of examining the structure of a website and it is very important because it allows Search engine marketing experts to see if there are any important SEO elements missing in the redesigned website. After the website has been ‘crawled’ it is possible to gather the data and examine the different components of a website. The following list consists of just some of the components that should be examined.

  • Address
  • Content
  • Title
  • Meta Description
  • Inlinks and Outlinks

CRD Media in Delray Beach has the experience and the tools to examine website structure to ensure that every web page on a client website is properly optimized for SEO.

Finally, it is important to conduct ‘rank checks’ which is the process of checking how the client website ranks on Google for particular keywords. This is an important step because it tells SEO experts if there are any drastic changes in the ranks. Significant changes in the ranks indicate that something has gone wrong in the web redesign process and the SEO engineer must diagnose the problem.

Call CRD Media In Delray Beach For Website Redesign And SEO Services

Retaining SEO elements when making changes to websites can be very challenging. However, firms in Delray Beach should consult CRD Media at The company has both web designers and search engine optimization experts who can work together to ensure that changes to websites can be done without any problems. CRD Media has more than ten years of experience in marketing firms online and possesses the skill and technical knowledge to conduct a comprehensive national or local SEO campaign.


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