Qualities Of A Professional Search Engine Optimization Company In Sri Lanka like EQLankaSEO

What Is Search Engine Optimization, Whom Are The Best Providers Of It In Sri Lanka And,SEO Service Provider EQLankaSEO

On the off chance that you have to get your site obvious in any of the internet searcher you have to utilize the web search tool showcasing procedures. By building up a site and add pages to it doesn’t imply that the site is in top rank or it will get unmistakable in the query items as well. You have to upgrade it. Make it rank in great position and let your intended interest group see it before your rivals. There are two ways you can get this Search motor promoting used to give the exposure to the site. One is Search Engine Optimization and other one is PPC.

Web optimization is a decent method for promoting your webpage to be seen the web crawlers. They will utilize diverse sort of techniques to make the site accessible in different motors. When you select the SEO Specialist EQLankaSEO from Sri Lanka you will see how they play out the assignments. Building an appropriate SEO procedure and procure the outcomes requires some investment. In any case, it is a long haul speculation. By doing certain progressions you will have the capacity to see your site goes up in the positioning. The best part is you don’t need to spend more cash on this.

Important Things To Consider While Doing SEO In Sri Lanka

While completing a legitimate SEO there are sure indicates consider. The SEO expert like EQLankaSEO will initially recognize the gathering of people. To complete a legitimate SEO system group of onlookers has a noteworthy influence. The watchwords, content and the ease of use of the site ought to be orchestrated by the group of onlookers and it positions the site in to top level. Keyword look into is another critical point which the SEO pro like EQLankaSEO ought to be given careful consideration to. To get appropriate arrangement of watchwords you have to utilize your insight towards the business, extraordinarily the gathering of people and friends as well. You can utilize the catchphrase inquire about instruments to get some successful watchwords to use in the Search Engine Optimization procedure.

Utilizing the quality substance is another essential thing which the best possible qualified SEO Specialist, the SEO Expert like EQLankaSEO in Sri Lanka should focus on. The vast majority of the unfit individuals think content is only a pack of content. Be that as it may, it isn’t. Every last page is looked in the web crawlers. So on the off chance that you are not utilizing the best possible substance your site won’t be obvious in the web crawlers so it won’t come in the internet searcher comes about pages. Another fundamental part is enhancing the labels. You have to utilize the best possible title and headings with your objective watchwords. The second technique for the web crawler promoting procedure is PPC. This can be utilized to make your site obvious in Google and Bing. PPC is a paid publicizing technique. You can choose a catchphrase and choose the sum you need to pay each time the promotion is been clicked. So you can build the positioning by this too.



Why You Need A SEO Expert In London For On-Page And Mobile SEO

Why Should Hire SEO Consultants For On-Page SEO In London

SEO is an important factor when designing your website. SEO can be broken up into two sub sections. Them being On-page and Off-page SEO. Off-page SEO involves techniques such as blogging and other repetitive activities but On-Page SEO is just as important. Using a SEO expert in London who use good techniques can help make your website more user-friendly and help your potential customers in London have a better experience while using your site. You would need qualified SEO consultants who follow good practices to help develop you website. Below are a few techniques that they may use on your website:

  • Choosing the best set of keywords

    Keywords are an important factor of search engine optimization and a SEO Expert in London would know how to correctly select the keywords of your website.

  • Using An Old School Domain Helps

    SEO experts recommend you choosing an old school domain that uses a keyword in the domain name. It is much more effective than using shortened forms or another words as your ranking depends on your keywords. So using a keyword as domain can be useful.

  • Content of your website is important

    When you hire a expert in Search Engine Optimization in London they will help you right the content of your website. Not overusing keywords, using good language and also adding links to your website or other related websites can help you drastically.

  • Writing the meta-description and title is vital

    The title and meta-description of your page can be seen when a keyword is searched. So it is important that your title is creative and meaningful. This can be useful in generating clicks and people wanting to see what is in your website. Another thing that people see is the meta-description. Having it descriptive and meaningful can be important so people can know what your website is about before clicking it. Your SEO Consultants will help you a lot when it comes to writing these.

Why You Should Focus On Mobile Search Engine Optimization in London

Focusing on mobile search engine optimization in London is very important. In the age of mobile devices your website while take a huge hit if it is not mobile friendly. Optimizing your website for mobiles includes designing a mobile version of your site that is easy to navigate through a touch screen of a smart phone. If you hire a good SEO expert, they would follow strict tactics so that your website ranks up high when searching keywords through mobiles.

Importance of SEO for Sri Lanka Businesses & How SEO Services Like EQLankaSEO is Helpful

How Does the Sri Lanka SEO Consultant, the EQLankaSEO Works on SEO Project

EQLankaSEO is a SEO services company in Sri Lanka works on search engine optimization projects and bring business websites to page 1 of search engine results page and, by so helping businesses to receive more calls and inquiries. The SEO expert at EQLankaSEO starts to work on a SEO project with online demand analysis to understand the online market for the business in Sri Lanka. With demand analysis, SEO consultant carry out audits on website and find out areas to improve on website to make it search engine friendly and ensure that website design meets search engine guidelines and preferences (which is known as on-page SEO). Finally SEO services company in Sri Lanka, the EQLankaSEO starts to gain links from other related websites on world wide web to empowers popularity and visibility online (also known as off-page SEO).

Clicks Website Receive Vs Search Engine Results Position

Researches indicates, about 90% of searchers click on web pages listed on page 1 of search results, about 75% of clicks go to top 5 web pages that are listed on the search engine results. This means a lot for business in Sri Lanka, i.e getting top 5 is essential to get more inquiries and sales through online. But, there are millions of pages matching a search query, then how to be on page 1 or top 5 results for the search query? Here is what a SEO expert in Sri Lanka becomes handy. EQLankaSEO is a reputed SEO specialist in Sri Lanka who offers professional SEO services for businesses in Sri Lanka as well as international, with hands on experience for ranking top positions on search engine results pages for many search terms from various industries and countries. If you are looking for a SEO expert in Sri Lanka, EQLankaSEO is a highly recommended choice to proceed.

SEO for Businesses with No Website

SEO which is a modern tool, that connects target audience and businesses. And SEO works for the businesses without website too. For example, businesses in Sri Lanka can setup online profile like Google map listing, Facebook listing/page, and other online directory listing. Those online profiles can be listed on search engine results to drive more traffic with help of a SEO specialist in Sri Lanka, like EQLankaSEO. Anyhow, having a own website together with online profiles, is more effective than relying on third party websites or directories.

Having a Website is Enough for Business in Sri Lanka?

Having a website with no visitors is a waste of time and resources. The website may be designed by world class web designers applying excellent creativity skills and ease to use functions, but if website is not search engine friendly, all the investments with web design would be extreme waste. There are business owners in Sri Lanka who are not aware about search engine optimization, and think only having a website is enough for their business and completely ignoring the search engine marketing. This is a costly strategic mistake made by some CEO, directors or business owners in Sri Lanka. It is important to understand that SEO is a key tool in online marketing which is cost effective compare to radio, newspaper, TV advertisement and it has lots of benefits for marketing division of a business.

Written by Greg Stefaniak.


Things You Need To Know About Getting External Help For SEO Services Sri Lanka, EQLankaSEO

Importance Of Investing In SEO Sri Lanka

Most businesses in Sri Lanka have already created an online presence for their operations or look to widen their scope through an online platform. When this concept was new, all you would have needed was to have a good looking website and the customers would be able to interact and get the necessary information or services out of the site. But with time, things have become more complex and competition has started to stiffen. This has made the importance of getting high ranks on search engine results to become increasingly more important. SEO Services Sri Lanka has been a useful tool for businesses to gain such a competitive advantage. EQLankaSEO is an experienced SEO company in Sri Lanka that serves international and local clients over 10+ years, and had gained great amount of reputation from its clients, for the affordable and professional search engine optimization services.

In order to help you understand why you should invest in SEO, it would help to note what are the benefits SEO Sri Lanka will offer to your business in Sri Lanka. The need for SEO was highlighted due to the reason that most of the Internet users, did not look beyond one or two pages of results that come up from a search. This led many to want to compete to get top spots in search engine rankings. The following are the ways in which SEO helps improve business.

  • It drives more traffic to your site
  • Your site is made more user-friendly and due to the better user experience results in better engagement and higher conversion rates
  • Creates better brand presence and builds brand reputation

Working With An External SEO Specialist, EQLankaSEO

Owing to the many benefits SEO provides, most businesses want to integrate it to their overall business strategy. But since this it a subject that requires technical know how and hands-on experience to implement in a proper way, most businesses turn to external help. That is where the need for a reputed SEO Company arises, such as EQLankaSEO in Colombo Sri Lanka. While working with a qualified SEO specialist you will be able to get better results, design an effective and professional SEO strategy and focus on using your existing manpower in a more productive way.

But when you work with a SEO Company you will need to first find the right service provider to partner with. The best way to judge whether they practice what they preach is to check referrals and recommendations. A good SEO service provider will also have a credible portfolio available to potential new clients to review on request. Here you can understand their approach to work and how effective their strategies have been.

Written by Greg Stefaniak

SEO Specialist – An Unavoidable Word in Sri Lanka’s Online Marketing

Who is SEO specialist?

SEO specialist in Sri Lanka helps to get top ranks on search engine results page (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask etc) for a website, by applying strategies and tactics with depth analysis of trends & guidelines set by search engines which are actively used in Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka Google has more market share compare to Yahoo, Bing and other search engines, so SEO expert in Sri Lanka suggests targeting Google results page for their client and optimizes the website for Google results page.

Does People in Sri Lanka Understands Who is SEO specialist?

The SEO specialist is also known as SEO consultant, SEO Expert, Online Marketer, Internet Marketer etc. The words “Online Marketer” & “Internet Marketer” is more generic, which includes all online marketing activities such as pay per click campaigns, social media marketing, SEO etc. When someone saying “I am a SEO Specialist in Sri Lanka“, for people who do not know what is SEO, will have no idea. Even though Sri Lanka is a fast developing country, still many people are not familiar with these terms, even the CEOs, Marketing Mangers or people at top level management in Sri Lanka have no such idea. So, it would be clear for anyone, if someone says “I help businesses to find themselves on search engines when there is a search for products/services they sell/offer”.

SEO is Always Changing

Search engine industry is always a changing industry to work with. Search engines alter their algorithm, trends and guidelines based on the queries received from users. In order to give the best for users, search engines analyze consumer behavior and give the best to users. It is true by checking the search results history; for a query on Google, the search results we get now differs from the search results we get in in 2015. A SEO expert in Sri Lanka should be aware of this point and implement necessary actions in SEO projects to deliver the best for their clients.

As time goes, Google search engine expands further and consider hundreds of ranking factors to display results to end user. The ranking factor(s) which considered as best in 2015, may be the ignorable ranking factor(s) now. So, a company that offers SEO in Sri Lanka should be up to date with the SEO industry changes in order to keep their clients websites ranking top in search results. As search engines changes, SEO expert in Sri Lanka should change themselves to be strong in market and serve the best to their clients.

Google Search Results in 2012

Back in 2012, Google introduced new search engine algorithm and penalized websites, which use target keywords as their anchor text (clickable text) when getting links from other websites (Anchor Text Penalty or Google Penguin Update). Overnight many websites rankings were washed out, many businesses dropped severe in the traffic, inquiries, sales and finally in revenues. There were US SEO companies shut down or the SEO resources were transferred to other industries. But, there are professional search engine optimization companies in Sri Lanka, which survived with a depth analysis on what causes the drop and recovered website ranks back for their clients in Google results. What does this incident reflect is, the agency that offers SEO in Sri Lanka should be dynamic, easy to adapt and quick learner to cope up with such search engine guideline changes.


To gain more online market in Sri Lanka, it is important to get help hand from SEO expert and optimize the website for Google and other search engines; because, compare to other online marketing tactics, search engine optimization tends to have higher conversion rates.

Hiring Best SEO Company in Sri Lanka for Better Search Engine Marketing

Hiring a SEO company in Sri Lanka is not an easy task to do. The selection process requires more time involvement and team management skills. As the first step of hiring SEO specialist in Sri Lanka to optimize website for search engines, identifying goals for SEO is important. The SEO goals can be defined by having discussions with top management, marketing managers, and executive level staffs. Increasing the brand aware in the market, increasing inquiries, sales & revenues, boosting number of subscribers and capturing more online marketing share are some of the goals to account when consulting a SEO specialist in Sri Lanka.

With identified business marketing goals, contacting SEO companies in Sri Lanka and discussing the goals of SEO campaign & requesting a quotation is the next step on hiring SEO company.

A professional SEO consultant company will come up with a detailed online market research report including the keywords or search terms/phrases to get list on search results, along with their prices, and detailed SEO processes to educate their prospective clients. The content of professional SEO proposal may contain the followings :

  • An introduction to Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization
  • Summarized processes of Search Engine Optimization, such as :
    • Online market demand analysis
    • Quick list of items to modify/alter in website to make it search engine friendly
    • Brief introduction about the link building process
  • SEO Packages including price, duration to get page 1 listing on search engines & references

After the initial meeting, checking the references provided is a wise idea. Anyhow there are businesses in Sri Lanka drop project when they hear a single negative review about SEO consultant in question, rather they would investigate what causes such negative review; similar to other industry projects, there are various uncontrollable reasons which causes issues to SEO project, and project could had been dropped and resulted a negative reference.

Negative Reference Worth Proceeding with Extra Analysis on Hiring SEO Specialist in Sri Lanka

For an example, the SEO company in Sri Lanka which has years of experience in the industry & served international businesses. The SEO consultant company signs SEO service agreement with a recruitment company with flexibility terms. Within four months time, recruitment company quits services and issues negative references to the Sri Lanka SEO company, even SEO expert clearly elaborates that, it will take 8-10 months time frame to get page 1 results on search engine subjected to the chosen keywords.

On the other hand, marketing manager at recruitment company does not coordinate and support to do necessary changes to the website recommended by the SEO consultant, such changes are the extreme important to make sure the website is search engine friendly.

On this case, the flexible termination terms in the SEO Service agreement results the SEO company a negative review. The SEO company itself could have locked the recruitment company with 12 months contract in better way to avoid this kind of unprofessional deals & negative references.

After references & past results are analyzed, understanding terms and conditions in SEO agreement is must, to avoid any future hassles and misunderstandings. Usually the best SEO company in Sri Lanka clearly mention time frame of the project, and requires client to be patient with them at least for 10 months time before client takes alternates.

Search Engine Optimization and the Best SEO Consultant is Exposed for Delray Beach Businesses

Compared to older days nowadays many business owners are aware about SEO and what it does. This is a positive factor for the SEO industry however, there are still those who are not familiar with SEO and its purpose as well as business owners who are believing in misconceptions of SEO. It is very important to understand the nature of modern SEO and its future. This is crucial for corporate businesses and entrepreneurs with a small Delray Beach businesses who are looking forward to expand their business with its full potential.

Search Engine Optimization and SEO Firms in Delray Beach

One aspect that you should understand when tackling into SEO is, among all the revolutions happened in the industry, the purpose or importance of search engine optimization still is not changed. SEO simply makes your website visible for online users who are interested on your website niche. Search engine optimization is all about getting right people to visit your website and currently, search engines are doing remarkably job in this case.

However, most of it would not be possible without professional SEO firms that optimize websites to be search engine friendly, using vast knowledge they have gathered from pieces of information through out the years. CRD Media is one such example for a professional SEO firm in Delray Beach that is serving search engine optimization industry for more than 8 years. Their understanding on behavior of search engines excel other firms in Delray Beach.

Brief Look into Behavior of Search Engines

In very first generations, there were no search engines but usual website directories. People used to submit their business information, like you do for yelp or any other business directory. Then search engines came to play, and there also people used to submit their website information and search engines used a mechanism called indexing which is simply indexing websites so searching for information could be done faster.

Here, the actual development was the search engine crawlers/bots/spiders of electronic form that visit the particular website after those being submitted to the search engine and it is used to gather information about the website and store in index. This is where a new generation of online searching started. The gathered information was used to calculate relevancy between the website and searched phrase of the online users. As the time goes on and more websites for the same niche happened to pop-up in every corner of the internet, search engines had to develop their strategy on how to sort and give the best relevant website to its users. They started to use formulas, algorithms to measure relevancy, website quality etc for this. So search engine algorithms were born and Google search engine algorithm for its efficient and accurate functioning got very popular among online users and they are still able to maintain that faith by having over 80% of market share worldwide.

The job of search engine optimization expert is to optimize websites to gain more relevancy points for a given niche and proving that the website is high quality for all search engines so the website rank higher on search engine results. You need someone who is reliable to handle this kind of process, simply a professional SEO consultant in Delray Beach. It is recommended to go for a SEO consultant who is highly experienced and knowledgeable in the search engines and its mechanisms. If you are looking forward to hire such a search engine optimization expert in Delray Beach, selecting one is very easy. That is the CRD Media which has been serving SEO services for Delray Beach businesses for long time.

What are the New Trends Came into SEO Industry

Most of the SEO news are about Google search engine algorithm updates, although there are several factors that had affected the SEO industry and will be affecting in future. Social media is one major influence that changed the way things were in SEO industry and way search engine optimization experts and SEO consultants used to work. With current Google algorithm is known to be using social signals to rank website on search results, search engine optimization experts are more concerned about building social media reputation for their clients’ websites. This is one of the reason that CRD Media do well in Delray Beach SEO industry. Because they are not just another SEO company in the city but a firm that genuinely offers various online marketing services such as social media marketing, pay per click campaigns, local SEO etc, that they combine all their experiences and knowledge on a particular project.

On the other hand, since CRD Media search engine optimization experts and SEO consultants are capable of providing all online marketing services, it provide degree of flexibility for their clients to have all those service from single firm rather than having to hire several firms for each service.

Brief Look into Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click and Local SEO

Social media marketing is promoting your website on social media sites such as facebook, myspace, soup.io, YouTube, tumblr, twitter, pinterest. Social media promotion is twofold, because it help getting credibility from Google search engine algorithm and social media itself bring traffic to the website that both help create brand awareness. Pay per click is the major way that Google earns revenue and in pay per click schemes, website owners can bet for keywords and website owner with the maximum bet gets his/her website to be shown top of Google search results for the particular keyword. A search engine optimization expert knows what keywords to invest on and what to not. Pay per click is not all about investing money for the most popular keyword, search engine optimization expert considers competition for the keyword, potential of the keyword to make a sale, relevancy to website niche etc before making a bid. One of the latest trend of search engine optimization is local SEO which is the kind of optimization that helps you gain local crowd to your website.

Google listings are an important aspect of this and local SEO proved to offer better visitor to customer conversion rate. For example, if someone search for “food stores in Delray Beach” on Google it is almost sure that the user is specifically looking to purchase food or visit a food store in Delray Beach. So if Delray Beach businesses having food stores can optimize their websites for these kind of phrases, there are more chances of getting sales. Bottom line is that Delray Beach businesses should optimize their websites for local searches. CRD Media is one well renown firm in Delray Beach with SEO consultants, search engine optimization experts who helps businesses on all these aspects, social media marketing, local SEO, PPC.

Major Google Search Engine Algorithm Updates

There are dozens of significant updates happened to the Google search engine algorithm not to mention the small tweaks, now they say that happen daily basis. There were Google algorithm updates like Panda update that main focus was filtering low quality sites with thin content and Penguin update focused on filtering sites followed unethical SEO techniques, an update against internet piracy, pigeon update improving better local search results etc which are few major updates. In 2015 Google introduced an update widely known as Mobilegeddon which started to give more preference to mobile friendly websites on their search results. Google also announced that majority of internet searches are occurring through mobiles that is the reason for this kind of an update.

Altogether, these are significant improvement to the Google algorithm and to whole internet. If Delray Beach businesses need their website to appear on top of Google search results, then the website should be optimized to earn credibility from all these algorithms. That is why you should look for hiring SEO consultant in Delray Beach. SEO consultants are the ones who have been analyzing and testing all these algorithms and know behavior, ranking factors of algorithms (there are hundreds) etc. As an example for a firm that possess professional SEO consultants in Delray Beach, look for CRD Media. SEO consultants of CRD Media are highly experienced on understanding the issues of a website in case if it is not raking well and finding out how and where to fix issues in/out of the website.

Using SEO for Benefit of Businesses in Delray Beach

Business owners need SEO even if they are running effective off line marketing campaigns for their Delray Beach businesses because in the modern era of marketing, a campaign is never 100% complete without SEO. Off line marketing alone cannot get your Delray Beach businesses to their full potential. As most of people are searching for their needs online These days, rather than searching for those in the town, your business should be present online too. It is crucial as it is. The important point is, unless your business brand is well popular, specially in Delray Beach, there is no way that online users will visit your website straightaway.

What they do is they just search for their needs online and Google does the rest. So if your website is optimized for such phrases that are related to your business industry, then Google shows your website on top of search results generating potential customers that your business could not have through off line marketing or without ranking higher on search results.

Questions Answered About CRD Media and Its SEO Services for Delray Beach Businesses

Can CRD Media Manage SEO Campaigns for Delray Beach Businesses from Beginning to the End?
Yes, CRD Media has search engine optimization experts and SEO consultants who are experienced and knowledgeable on all aspects of SEO, so you only need to pass them the website URL and keywords you want to rank in addition any specific requirements. Their SEO consultants will do the rest.

  • How Long CRD Media Need to Get Top Ranks for Delray Beach Businesses?

    No firm in the industry can guarantee a time, but CRD Media can guarantee improvements on ranks and more traffic. However, SEO consultants of CRD Media will able to give estimated time after analyzing your website and competition for the keywords.

  • Can They Undertake SEO, SMM, PPC Campaigns for Same Website at Once?

    They will be more than happy to do so because CRD Media is a full-service digital marketing firm in Delray Beach having search engine optimization expert and SEO consultant professionals, social media marketing and Google adwords campaign experts. With all those online marketing strategies are combined, it can multiply the traffic to your website.

  • How Much is Their Fee?

    The best option to know the cost is by getting a free quote from CRD Media. Visit CRD Media at http://crdmedia.co/contact-us page or call on 561-315-1773.

  • What are the Other Service CRD Media Offers for Delray Beach Businesses?

    CRD Media offers web design (custom web design, e-commerce web design, wordpress web design, responsive web design), graphic design (logo design, vehicle wraps, signs and banners) in addition internet marketing service they offer (local and national SEO, social media marketing, pay per click).