SEO Specialist – An Unavoidable Word in Sri Lanka’s Online Marketing

Who is SEO specialist?

SEO specialist in Sri Lanka helps to get top ranks on search engine results page (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask etc) for a website, by applying strategies and tactics with depth analysis of trends & guidelines set by search engines which are actively used in Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka Google has more market share compare to Yahoo, Bing and other search engines, so SEO expert in Sri Lanka suggests targeting Google results page for their client and optimizes the website for Google results page.

Does People in Sri Lanka Understands Who is SEO specialist?

The SEO specialist is also known as SEO consultant, SEO Expert, Online Marketer, Internet Marketer etc. The words “Online Marketer” & “Internet Marketer” is more generic, which includes all online marketing activities such as pay per click campaigns, social media marketing, SEO etc. When someone saying “I am a SEO Specialist in Sri Lanka“, for people who do not know what is SEO, will have no idea. Even though Sri Lanka is a fast developing country, still many people are not familiar with these terms, even the CEOs, Marketing Mangers or people at top level management in Sri Lanka have no such idea. So, it would be clear for anyone, if someone says “I help businesses to find themselves on search engines when there is a search for products/services they sell/offer”.

SEO is Always Changing

Search engine industry is always a changing industry to work with. Search engines alter their algorithm, trends and guidelines based on the queries received from users. In order to give the best for users, search engines analyze consumer behavior and give the best to users. It is true by checking the search results history; for a query on Google, the search results we get now differs from the search results we get in in 2015. A SEO expert in Sri Lanka should be aware of this point and implement necessary actions in SEO projects to deliver the best for their clients.

As time goes, Google search engine expands further and consider hundreds of ranking factors to display results to end user. The ranking factor(s) which considered as best in 2015, may be the ignorable ranking factor(s) now. So, a company that offers SEO in Sri Lanka should be up to date with the SEO industry changes in order to keep their clients websites ranking top in search results. As search engines changes, SEO expert in Sri Lanka should change themselves to be strong in market and serve the best to their clients.

Google Search Results in 2012

Back in 2012, Google introduced new search engine algorithm and penalized websites, which use target keywords as their anchor text (clickable text) when getting links from other websites (Anchor Text Penalty or Google Penguin Update). Overnight many websites rankings were washed out, many businesses dropped severe in the traffic, inquiries, sales and finally in revenues. There were US SEO companies shut down or the SEO resources were transferred to other industries. But, there are professional search engine optimization companies in Sri Lanka, which survived with a depth analysis on what causes the drop and recovered website ranks back for their clients in Google results. What does this incident reflect is, the agency that offers SEO in Sri Lanka should be dynamic, easy to adapt and quick learner to cope up with such search engine guideline changes.


To gain more online market in Sri Lanka, it is important to get help hand from SEO expert and optimize the website for Google and other search engines; because, compare to other online marketing tactics, search engine optimization tends to have higher conversion rates.