Importance of SEO for Sri Lanka Businesses & How SEO Services Like EQLankaSEO is Helpful

How Does the Sri Lanka SEO Consultant, the EQLankaSEO Works on SEO Project

EQLankaSEO is a SEO services company in Sri Lanka works on search engine optimization projects and bring business websites to page 1 of search engine results page and, by so helping businesses to receive more calls and inquiries. The SEO expert at EQLankaSEO starts to work on a SEO project with online demand analysis to understand the online market for the business in Sri Lanka. With demand analysis, SEO consultant carry out audits on website and find out areas to improve on website to make it search engine friendly and ensure that website design meets search engine guidelines and preferences (which is known as on-page SEO). Finally SEO services company in Sri Lanka, the EQLankaSEO starts to gain links from other related websites on world wide web to empowers popularity and visibility online (also known as off-page SEO).

Clicks Website Receive Vs Search Engine Results Position

Researches indicates, about 90% of searchers click on web pages listed on page 1 of search results, about 75% of clicks go to top 5 web pages that are listed on the search engine results. This means a lot for business in Sri Lanka, i.e getting top 5 is essential to get more inquiries and sales through online. But, there are millions of pages matching a search query, then how to be on page 1 or top 5 results for the search query? Here is what a SEO expert in Sri Lanka becomes handy. EQLankaSEO is a reputed SEO specialist in Sri Lanka who offers professional SEO services for businesses in Sri Lanka as well as international, with hands on experience for ranking top positions on search engine results pages for many search terms from various industries and countries. If you are looking for a SEO expert in Sri Lanka, EQLankaSEO is a highly recommended choice to proceed.

SEO for Businesses with No Website

SEO which is a modern tool, that connects target audience and businesses. And SEO works for the businesses without website too. For example, businesses in Sri Lanka can setup online profile like Google map listing, Facebook listing/page, and other online directory listing. Those online profiles can be listed on search engine results to drive more traffic with help of a SEO specialist in Sri Lanka, like EQLankaSEO. Anyhow, having a own website together with online profiles, is more effective than relying on third party websites or directories.

Having a Website is Enough for Business in Sri Lanka?

Having a website with no visitors is a waste of time and resources. The website may be designed by world class web designers applying excellent creativity skills and ease to use functions, but if website is not search engine friendly, all the investments with web design would be extreme waste. There are business owners in Sri Lanka who are not aware about search engine optimization, and think only having a website is enough for their business and completely ignoring the search engine marketing. This is a costly strategic mistake made by some CEO, directors or business owners in Sri Lanka. It is important to understand that SEO is a key tool in online marketing which is cost effective compare to radio, newspaper, TV advertisement and it has lots of benefits for marketing division of a business.

Written by Greg Stefaniak.